Tips to help you choose the perfect song and gift for your first date

dateThe first date can break or make your day especially if you are the guy. Majority of people usually go out of their way in order to ensure that their date gets to enjoy the day. Picking the right restaurant, selecting the best wine, choosing the best outfit and other activities are accomplished by the gentleman in order to impress their date.

The perfect date must be romantic not only for the lady but also for the gentleman therefore becoming a memorable occasion. While selecting all the above things is important the final most important thing of all to select is a good romantic first date music.

Good valentine’s day date songs can change the entire mood of the date and can even change a boring date into an amazing one. Unless you have sang and have produced an album of romantic songs yourself, you need to pick those already sang by other artists.

Below are 4 suitable songs that can make your first date amazing.
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
The Beach Boys sang the song God Only Knows which was included in their album titled Pet Sounds. The album was ground breaking therefore marking a huge shift in the world of music. The Beach Boys were known to sing songs about surfing and cute girls but God Only Knows is heartfelt, romantic and even spiritual. Thanks to beautiful lyrics in the song, your date will choke tears of joy.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
This classic romantic sentimental song was composed by one of the best guitar players ever. The beauty of the song is in the romantic lyrics. The song is perfect for a first date as it is filled with compliments and love. You can never go wrong with this song.

Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender
Elvis Presley is widely known for his velvety voice and dance moves but among his many songs, Love Me Tender is much better especially as a first date song. The song lyrics are romantic and heartfelt as the first day it was recorded.

LL Cool J – I Need Love
During the early days of rap, majority of rap artists did not pen and sing romantic ballads. There songs centered majorly on dissing other artists rather than tell a girl that they cared. One of the greatest rap artists decided to take a break to compose a romantic ballad that is mixed with rap. The best thing about this song is that nothing makes a girl’s heart swell than a romantic ballad composed and sang by a tough guy.

When it comes to gift giving during valentine’s day or your first date on valentine’s day, it is important to search your mind for the best thoughtful gifts. Below are gift ideas for her.



First dates are moments when both of you get a chance of knowing more about each other. This is not a time to gift your date with gifts meant for couples who have been in a relationship for months or years. The best and thoughtful gift that you can begin with is a single stem of a flower. Why? It not only signifies that it is your first date but you will avoid coming on too strong.


As a classic gift, wine is a gift for all occasions and is a neutral present for a first date. When choosing the best wine, you can pick one that is expensive. You don’t need to purchase a very expensive bottle, just purchase the right bottle at the right price as a gift for her.

A book

This is a great gift especially for a first date as it displays your intellectual side. A book is a sign that you enjoy stimulating conversations but it’s best to avoid political or controversial books. Finally, make sure that the book is small enough to be unassuming.