How To Celebrate A 25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-five years of building a life and a family with your best friend, confidant and lover. Going through life with its tears, frustrations and pure joy has been so much better together than it ever would have been alone. You’re a couple who understand each other inside out. Simply put, your marriage is compromise and trust and love and you’ve made it to your silver wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

25th anniversaryAs a milestone anniversary, you may want to share the joy with family and close friends. If you’re planning to do this yourself or for your parents, here are some ideas to help celebrate the 25th anniversary in style (thanks to

Arrange a silver anniversary party

The best way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary is to spend time with loved ones. This is a chance to catch up with friends and family you may not get to see often. If you’re arranging the party for your parents, invite the best man, bridesmaids, ring-bearer and flower-girls from their wedding. If you don’t have their contact details try a search via social media.

If you have space, you may want to hold a party at your own home. Alternatively, book a venue for the event. If it’s possible, look into booking the same venue where the wedding reception was hosted originally.

An intimate dinner for the couple

The couple may prefer a quieter event to mark their anniversary. A romantic dinner at one of the couple’s favourite restaurants alone or with their children gives them a chance to reminisce and spend quality time together or with those they are closest to.

Reliving the glorious past through videos or photos

Over the years, there will be a collection of memories in the form of photographs and videos. If you’ve a lot of photographs on your phone, now is the time for a digital photo frame or an album where the couple can sit back and enjoy the memories created these pictures. This is a wonderful record of good times the couple have spent together. If there is a wedding video, watch this again.

Surprise your spouse

On your 25th anniversary, let your spouse know just how special they are, and how much you appreciate them being in your life. Start the day with a gift to your husband or wife of a bouquet of red roses as a sign of your love and passion. If your husband always brings you coffee in bed in the mornings before you get up, on this day you can make an effort and make the coffee before he wakes up. Leave a love letter to say thank you for the marriage that you have had and how much their love, support, encouragement and patience have been appreciated. Let them know how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together. Write this in your own handwriting, however scrawly it is, and borrow lines from your favourite songs or romantic poems for inspiration if you need it.

Plan a second honeymoon

honeymoonAt the time of your marriage, you may not have been able to afford a honeymoon of your dreams (and we don’t mean the book 🙂 ). If you can afford it now, make the time to plan for a second honeymoon. Choose a favourite destination together let the hotel know in advance that you’ll be celebrating your silver wedding anniversary with them. As a memento of the holidays you have had, create a wall map with pins showing all the places you have visited together in the past and with different coloured pins, the places you still wish to see in the future.

Choose some special gifts for the couple

The 25th Anniversary celebrations are usually marked with special gifts. Traditionally, the 25th Anniversary is marked with gifts in silver. Gifts of silver jewellery can be personalised with their names and the date of their wedding. Of course you don’t have to stick with the silver theme. Find a gift that you know the couple will love, perhaps a vinyl record of their first song at their wedding, or name a star after them. Be creative. They will appreciate the thought and effort you have made.

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