About Me

As a music lover, I find excitement in writing about music, bands and songs. I love music and find myself listening to so many tracks. There are those that I listen to over and over, and those that find criticisms in my ears. I find joy in listening to and writing about music, although sometimes I do get disappointed in the content in songs.
As a fan and critic, delays in the release of albums or disenchanting live performances are a nightmare. I love it when a song I love gets even better with a remix. In addition, I very much enjoy surprise albums from artists.
I listen to countless soundtracks and I have playlists for just about anything. I have playlists for working out, depressing times, songs that make me think, happy moments and just no reason. Music is important to me and I write about it to impact the lives of others. I feel that music brings people together and that the content really matters.
To find out more about me and what I write about, read some of my pieces. If you love music, this is one journey you will love walking with me.